Monday, September 1, 2014

DR-680 phantompower mod

After my measurements of the DR-680 phantompower noise I decided to add some filter caps.
This turns out to be easy (you obviously need some electronics experience) for channels 1 to 4.
Channels 5 and 6 are hard to get by, so I did not bother.

There is no need to take anything apart, only the back cover needs to be removed.
To remove the back cover you need to remove the side panels and the battery holder as there are screws under it.

As the power is switched in pairs only 2 electrolytic capacitors are needed  for channels 1 to 4. I used 220MF/63V types. I "anchored" the caps by connecting the negative lead to the 3-pole ground connector on the right. The positive leads connect to R108 and R120. (click the photo for a larger view).

After this mod noise is 10dB lower than previously measured.

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